Pål Eide


a Norwegian pianist who plays classical music from Bach to modern composers, was born in Bergen in 1970 and lives in Humlebæk, Denmark, with his wife and 3 daughters. The press has predicted him a promising future, calling him a coming star in the world of classical music.

"If you want to listen to a coming star, Eide's next concert is a must"

Berlingske Tidende, Søren H. Schauser

"A virtuoso in the great romantic tradition" Berlingske Tidende, Ursula A. Olsen

"Overwhelming elan... After Rakhmaninov´s Sonata one sat amazed, hardly able

to breathe! He is a veritable lion at the piano. Eide is a soloist with a very large S."

Jyllandsposten, Jakob Wivel

"Eide possesses a fine combination of intellectual survey and powerful expression"

Bergens Tidende, Espen Selvik

"A remarkable concert" Neue Zeit, Robert Spoula


Pål Eide